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4 Simple Financial Metrics every Indian Real Estate Investor should know

Let me start off with a question? Whenever you buy a property, do you do any kind of due diligence or research on how the property will perform from a...


5 Reasons why investing in an Income Generating Commercial Property in India is Awesome

Investing in commercial properties which are already rented to tenants (Pre-Rented) is the flavour of the season. In general, investments in real esta...


Benefits of investing in Commercial Real Estate

As we live smack in the middle of a new era, we’ve had all had at least one moment when we have looked back and seen how far we have come from the yea...


Getting ahead of the market: how using the right data can transform your real estate investment decisions

To date, most Commercial Real Estate investors in India continue to make heuristic, or instinct-based decisions rather than informed ones. Why? Perhap...